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Having an art crisis so no art for a while
  • yoshiie:

    All of the girls genderbend

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  • strangepan:

    You are lying if you say that you have played through all of Ōkami without doing at least one of these two things at some point:

    High-speed turning for no given reason:


    Or air dashing through the middle of portals because why not:


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  • hifructosemag:

    An esoteric concept that fascinated the first Surrealists, an “égrégore” is a sort of mob mentality. Scholar Pierre Mabille defined it as “a group of humans endowed with a personality different from that of the individuals forming it.” This concept of collective consciousness was the springboard for Yves Laroche Gallery’s eponymous exhibition, the gallery’s largest group show to date. With dozens of artists, many of whom are associated with the Pop Surrealist movement, the show builds its momentum from the multitudes of distinct yet complementary aesthetics joined together. Among the line-up are names that will be well-known to our readers: Josh Agle (Shag), Martin Wittfooth, Amy Sol, Joe Sorren, Liz McGrath, Annie Owens (Hi-Fructose co-editor-in-chief), AJ Fosik, Miss Van and many others. Take a look at our sneak peek below before “Égrégore” opens on October 30 at Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal. See more on Hi-Fructose.

  • the-reichenbach-blues:

    somebody put this on a fucking t shirt

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  • allhailthepumpkinqueen:

    The fucking sound he makes kills me every time

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  • giggle:

    thank the lord for my phone screen not cracking yet even though I’ve dropped my phone so many times

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  • pensacosi:

    How to make comics

    My first vine

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  • lemoro:

    i felt like drawing a lot of sassy mario 3d world arin…

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  • mirror:



    Show this gifset to anyone who asks you wtf “Tumblr” even is.

    this episode though

    Well I do declare…

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  • my-halloween-romance:

    So my mom got a new tattoo today

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